Friday, July 13, 2007

Jokes and Boys

My friend Susan has been sharing some of her favorite jokes. I've enjoyed them all. Here is my 7yr old son's current favorite joke:

Why do dinosaurs not talk?
Because they're all dead.

What I'm finding fun is that my two oldest, both girls, read the joke books, but neither really laughed or enjoyed them like my son does. His belly laugh resounds at some of these jokes. He will also break out laughing at antics on Home Improvement, or Little Rascals where the girls don't. Several months ago, we finally watched Singing in the Rain together as a family. The scene where the guy is dancing/singing/falling down made my son laugh in a way I hadn't heard before. The girls and I were laughing too, but not like Nathan. He was giggling/laughing with tears. He asked to see it again and again and again (thanks to dvr where it is easy to find!) I treasured that moment, and realized even more just how different boys and girls are.

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The Hen (Charity) said...

We took our son to a movie when he was 4 years old and he laughed so loud. My husband and I were totally taken back by his unhindered joy at every little joke. Boys are a joy to watch!