Sunday, July 22, 2007

Friends, Food, and Fun

Saturday we had the pleasure of having Laura and family over for dinner. What a great treat for us. I tried a new pork recipe, which I will use again, and baked some fresh buns. With sides of corn on the cob and a salad, plus fruit pizza for dessert, we feasted while visiting.

What a nice treat for me to visit with one of my Looper friends. I learn so much from them and I relish the precious moments we can visit in person and then send each other off with hugs.

Laura's mom, Caroline, was with them. What a dear, sweet lady. I hope she wasn't too offended (although I know she was greatly surprised) by how dirty my kids feet were and me waiting to put away the food until after we had visited for awhile. It's hard to take the country out of the girl even if the girl is out of the country!

We took the pictures right before they had to leave (way too soon). Now that they know the way, we look forward to their next stop whenever that might be.

The kids had fun meeting new friends. My three youngest especially enjoyed little Ben. They found it fascinating that he liked our ceiling fans, and the cord on the vacuum. Ben had more helpers than he needed most of the time, and by time to leave, he was ready for his bottle, and a nap. I hope he slept well for you on the way back to your hotel!

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