Monday, July 02, 2007

David's Surprise

Friday, June 29th was David's 10th anniversary of ordination. Upon finding out that was why we were putting flowers on the altar, a couple of people in the church insisted on the church donating the flowers and serving coffee and cake after the services on Saturday and Sunday. This worked to my favor.

I had wanted to give David something in honor of his 10th anniversary, but wasn't sure what. Upon talking to his brother Paul, and also his good friend Ralph, both pastors, I decided to purchase him a chasuble. I contacted Pr. Curtis and ordered a white one. My mom graciously sent the check so that David wouldn't wonder why I was sending a sum of money to DK Brunner. The chasuble arrived in Thursday's mail and we quickly hid it.

The kids and I went over Saturday near the end of service. After the service, and announcements I walked forward with his gift. David was quite surprised. I explained to the congregation that I had wanted to give him something special and upon talking with fellow pastors, I decided upon this gift. When David opened it, he was very shocked and surprised. Many members of the congregation commented on how beautiful it was. They were able to ask questions and David was able to try it on for them while we were enjoying cake and coffee in the narthex.

So Sunday morning, I did the same thing, except this time I explained that I had surprised him the night before, but wanted them to be able to see the gift as well. Many also asked when he would get to wear it for the first time.

David was truly surprised and very grateful. Later he told me it was perfect and he would have picked the exact thing. What a nice thing to say. With such a positive response from the congregation, we don't see any problem in purchasing the other colors as time goes by.

Thanks so much to Pr. Curtis and to his mother for this great service to the church!

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