Thursday, July 12, 2007

At the Farm

Tuesday afternoon after haircuts, we went to my in-laws farm for supper. The kids and I stayed overnight while David came back home to work. My main goal was to finally finish Hannah's quilt top that hasn't been worked on in months.

Sewing at the farm is great. My mother-in-law and I sit at her dining room table and sew together. This time her machine was giving her fits, so she did a lot of the pinning and ironing. My father-in-law did the cooking and clean-up, and the kids played outside. I can get so much done when I do this! We finished the quilt top and even planned Abby's quilt (the last of the 5 munchkin's to be done). Here is what Abby's will look like. We chose a different pattern, then just using all 4in squares. I think it will look fabulous once it is done!

Here is how the kids stayed out of the way:The brute cycle which was bought when my husband and his siblings were young and then a couple of years ago we all went in together to fix it up so our kids could enjoy it.

Even I took a break to enjoy a ride and a drive:Yes a little Tony lives in all of us - especially me. :-)

The other time occupier of the chitlins is the grove. 4 years ago at my inlaws 40th reunion all the grandchildren worked together to build paths and tepees. Now whenever a set of grandchildren are visiting, they play and fix it up even more.

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