Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Our travel on vacation a couple weeks ago went the smoothest ever. With a 12 hour drive to visit my mother ahead of us, we planned the normal pass-time activities: books, books on tape, writing and coloring. We would also lose an hour upon entering Indiana, so we decided to get an early start and leave by 6am. I packed muffins and boiled eggs for our breakfast to be eaten as we rolled on down the road. I also packed sausage, cheese, grapes, and crackers for our lunch, plus other treats to munch.

We started out right on time and 10 and a half hours later we found ourselves pulling into my mother's driveway. Yes that's right - our normal 12 hour trip was cut 1 and a half hours short because I packed our food. Our only stops were for gas and restrooms. No one complained, everyone of us seemed delighted that the trip went smoothly and quickly.

So when it was time to leave after the Augsburger BBQ last Friday in WI, we did the same thing. Having just ate, we snacked our way home, only stopping to feed the van and visit the little girls' room or little boys' room.

Next time you face a long trip, try packing some of your food and drink, it saves time and money.

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