Friday, June 01, 2007

Simple Sewing

If you have a clothesline and need a clothespin bag, let me suggest this:

It is really easy to make. Use an old kids button down shirt, stitch up the bottom, hang it on a hangar, insert clothespins and voila a neat-looking clothespin bag to hang on your line. Mine started out as a long-sleeve shirt, but snip, snip, sew, sew and short sleeves appeared.

Btw, all credit goes to my mom for sewing this for me. I had heard the idea and had the shirt, but never got around to doing it. While she was here helping me while I was sick, she sewed it for me. Thanks Mom, I think of you each time I use it!


Laura said...


I just love looking at your blog! When I see you at the CCA symposium I will "know" you so much more! You and Susan were the ones that made me think...I could get into this blogging too! But now I have to get to some more organizing around the house...which then makes me think about taking a picture and posting it when I am done. Then others could share in the joy!


Kristi said...

My son and I just found that in the Family Fun magazine and thought we should make one for us from an old shirt of his and perhaps make one for each of the grandmas since it looked so fun.