Friday, June 29, 2007

My Husband, the Pastor

10 years ago today, David was ordained in his first parish in a small town in IL. Friends and family had gathered for the special service. The church people were welcoming and provided an excellent meal following. Following are some other memories.

We had two young daughters, one 20 months and one 2 months. After the service and festivities upon walking back to the parsonage, the oldest allowed her Grandpa M. to carry her for the first time ever. Grandpa S. (my dad) saw it, and wondered aloud when would be his turn. Not long afterward, Grandpa S. wouldn't mind so much as daughter #2 only wanted him when he was around.

What good food was served, that these ladies were excellent cooks, and how truly happy these people were to have a pastor to call their own.

But most vividly, I remember the look on David's face after the ordination service, a look of overwhelming, fear, care, and responsibility all-in-one. I realized then how serious this was. This wasn't just a job, it was more serious than that. He was responsible for these people, a shepherd and servant to them.

There are times over the last ten years I've seen that same look, maybe it only lasts for a meal, or a day, or maybe it lasts several days. I know then that some brother or sister in Christ is hurting, and all I can do to help is pray, for them even though I know no name, but especially for their pastor, my husband.

Soli Deo Gloria

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Presbytera said...

I know the prayers and path you walk. And I also keep a Sudoku book in Dean's car for when he is called to chaplain duties when I am a passenger. I get a lot done in a hospital waiting room.