Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Time For Everything

Last Wednesday, David awoke having not slept the greatest and the feeling of a sore throat. By Saturday, it had settled in his voice, although he wasn't feeling much pain. He was able to make it through the 5pm worship service, but whispered to us the rest of the evening.

This morning, Sunday, he awoke to his voice having not improved at all. Oh dear, what to do? Service is at 8:30am. He walked next door to try and speak, but alas, the Word of the Lord would not be heard from his voice this morning. He came back home to ask me to call first the retired pastor in our congregation, who I found out, would already be subbing for a neighboring pastor. Next I tried the president of the congregation. Poor Mr. Scharfe, it was about 50 minutes prior to the start of the service when I called. He graciously agreed to read through the service and read David's sermon. Thanks be to God for a small town, where Mr. Scharfe was able to come quickly and go through what he was to do with David.

At the beginning of the service, David walked out in his clerical and suit and sat down in the front pew with us. One could almost hear the questions, rippling through behind us as Mr. Scharfe announced my husband's lack of voice and requested patience for him as he read through the service. Scharfe did a most excellent job given the situation. The service flowed relatively smoothly and for the first time I counted it a blessing that this church has yet to move to every Sunday communion. This was the non-communion Sunday and I think that gave Mr. Scharfe a bit more confidence.

I don't think I've ever sat through a lay-lead service before. It definitely made me appreciate the voice of my pastor even more. And I understand more fully how much vacant congregations go through during vacancies and how delighted they are when they have a new shepherd. This thought led way to thanking God that he has graciously given David's first congregation, a new shepherd, who will be ordained today.

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Susan said...

I was at Pr Anderson's ordination/installation today. We celebrated John's nativity. The sermon pointed out how appropriate the readings bore out for ordination texts. Bender preached. We celebrated the Mass. The kids asked how long the service would be; I told them more than an hour and a half, but less than two. I was wrong; it was two. Ahhhhhh! And the dinner was fabulous too!

It's good to know that people you love are in faithful hands.