Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tagged twice

Jenn and Cheryl tagged me to fill this out.

What did you want to be at 5, 10, 15, and 20?

5 - I don't know am I suppose to remember being 5?

10 - I don't know, but I do remember being so excited that now I was finally a "ten"-ager. :-)

15 - Hmm, I probably wanted to be at some point a professional cheerleader (yeah I was big into that!). I also remember thinking being a nutritionist would be cool, until I realized all the science I would need to take. To this day, I still find the whole nutrition aspect of health very, very fascinating.

20 - Well, at that point I was studying to be a Lutheran High School History teacher, but I was engaged too, and really, deep down all I wanted to be was a wife and mother.

I don't know who to tag, if you want to play, consider yourself tagged. Oh Jenny, lil' sis, consider yourself definitely tagged. ;-)


Jen Schurman said...

I appreciate this "tag" thing you have going on really. I have SO much time to get my regular work done and now I have to figure out what I have learned in life???? I am still learning. Anyway, I did take the time to fill both of these out and posted them on my blog. Nothing earth shattering I assure you. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

elephantschild said...
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elephantschild said...

Hello there - I'm here via Loopers, and am finally finding time to peruse all the Looper blogs. Thanks for the link in your sidebar.

I'm totally astonished that I'm not the only girl in the world who likes watching cars drive fast.
(Although I almost never get to watch the races, since we have no TV reception out here in Flyover country.)

(Previous post removed because I accidentally used your real name.)