Thursday, May 03, 2007

Since You've been asking....

I'm feeling much much better. I think that I may actually be back to 100% now. Yippee! What a great blessing is health.

While my mom was here she did a lot of work for me, like washing all the windows and curtains, and doing all the cooking and cleaning, so I could concentrate on teaching (that is after I was feeling better).

Last week Tuesday, the kids and I drove her home, "back to Indiana, back to where I come from." We spent a few days there with her and then left on Friday for Chicago and our good friends the Tauszs. Yesterday, we drove home and David was just delighted to have us back home.

The only problem is that the two oldest came down with bad sore throats on Tuesday. What is weird is that they haven't had this sort of sore throat since we lived in IL. Hmmm I wonder if there is some sort of allergy connection. Either way, they are miserable and spent the drive home taking pain relievers.

I just don't want to get sick again....

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Charity said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better.