Thursday, May 31, 2007


John Rosemond has a good article on family picnics. You should read it here.

I love picnics and so do my kids. As soon as the weather turned nice this spring, they have been begging to eat outside. However, are plastic round table is still not out of the garage and frankly for our family, it doesn't fit us anymore. But when dad was gone for a couple of days to his conference, the kids and I took a blanket outside and ate our lunch. They thought it was great.

We'll go on more picnics this summer, it is one of our favorite things. Often though, we ride our bikes down the trail, instead of driving. Our picnics usually involve sandwiches and chips, although I've been wanting to try the old-fashioned picnics of fried chicken, potato salad, and of course, pie! I think this summer will be the year. Where do you picnic?


Presbytera said...

We picnic mainly on our patio but we have 2 special days that we picnic every year. On November 1st (see my blog fr Nov 1st last year) we always grill hot dogs - rain, shine or snow : ) Also a tradition we started more than 35 years ago, we always picnic of Good Friday - rain, shine or snow.

I too remember my mother frying chicken which we would then eat cold at the park. Nice memory -- thanks for bringing it forward for me.

Mumme Mom said...

Good idea to have "special picnic days." Another place we picnic is at a rest area when traveling. Gives the kiddos a chance to run and the wallet a chance to rest.

Melynda Hoffman said...

This year we have been having two a week at least! I have never been someone to plan to do that either. The only picnics I remember as a kid were at family get togethers.

My kids are loving it though.

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

We like picnics, too, but my family didn't do it either.

But, the link didn't go to to John Rosemond, but to Schleich Middle Ages knights....I like them, too. My son will covet them if he sees them.

Mumme Mom said...

Sorry about the link, thanks for letting me know, I think I have it fixed now.

Btw, those knights are pretty cool. My son has a playmobile knights castle (a Christmas gift 2 years ago) and has seen these Schleic knights at the Kamp Dels barn and has been wanting them ever since. Some were then given to him as a bday gift and then he spent his money on some more. They work well with his playmobile castle. He sets up lego walls around the castle and I often have to beware of stepping on some battlefield in the middle of the basement floor.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking this weekend that we need a picnic table! Monday we ate on the deck, bringing the kids plastic table out for them; otherwise it's a blanket or lawnchairs in the middle of the backyard.
I'm not very good at remembering to plan picnics, usually it's the kids' idea. We do picnic while traveling, or at the local municipal band concerts.

Jane said...

We love picnics. The kids and I usually have several impromptu picnics at a park each summer. We also have a couple of family picnics each year. I think I may have to blog about this. :)

Marie N. said...

The back yard is the spot for spontaneous picnics. We also pack into the car and go to one of the nearby metroparks that has a playground for planned picnics.