Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all of you had a lovely day. Here is how mine was spent:

1. At church that morning, a family who is adopting a foster child was given permission to baptize her. She has been with them since a few weeks old and is now almost 2. What a joyous day. The adoption becomes official on Friday.

2. My wonderful husband fixed waffles and ring sausage for our brunch. Delicious! On the table were cards from my children. Ellie used her new stamping and stencils to decorate her card - it was beautiful. Hannah did a pattern of paper squares on the front and wrote a poem for me:

G is for good, the best in the land,
l is for loving, you do understand,
e is for educator, the teacher of me,
n is for noble, as true as can be,
d is for dependable, we can count on you,
a is for admirable, whatever you may do.

Of course I teared up - it's in the mommy contract.

3. After brunch, I went to watch the NASCAR race with my dearest, while the kids cleaned up the table. Lo and behold when I came upstairs it wasn't just the table they cleaned. They picked up everywhere! The kitchen was spotless - one even mopped the floor. The living room, which had looked like a tornado took all the books off the shelves and scattered them about the floor, was now picked up with everything in its place. They also picked up the school room, the dining room and the hallway. It looked wonderful! What a great Mother's Day gift! It was perfect!

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