Monday, May 21, 2007

Biking and Camping

On Sunday afternoon we took our first family bike ride of the season. This one was extra special as our youngest, a 4yr old, rode his own bike (with training wheels) instead of being pulled in the trailer. Riding along, I realized we looked like quite a site. Dad was in the lead, followed by the children in order of age (imagine stair-steps) and me in the rear.

Our bike trail is really nice. It is a paved path where the old train tracks were. It stretches about 20 miles east and about 30 miles west. Check it our here. When we first moved here and saw how nice it was, we decided to splurge on nice bikes, and it has been worth it. We enjoy our family bike rides. Plus David and I can arise early to go for longer, faster rides before the kids awaken.

I'll once again make a plug for Kamp Dels. This is run by a family in our church. The Dad (Del) and his wife started it 52 years ago. Today his two sons run the camp. A daughter also works there and the other 4 kids all live close by and have worked there and their kids have worked (or work) there. We have lots of fun swimming there during the summer and visiting the animals, etc. If you like camping, consider Kamp Dels. It is one of the cleanest campgrounds I've ever seen (they power-wash the bathrooms every day). Let me know if you're planning on coming, we'll come visit you at the pool, or have you over for a meal, or both.

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Jen Schurman said...

Once Christian and I move into our FIRST HOME (still can't believe it), I will be looking for a bike for myself. I haven't ridden in years and I miss it. I am glad you guys get to go often. Have a wonderful day!