Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

We will have a normal day except for supper. The kids will eat by themselves while my love and I will dine in the basement that the children have lovingly cleaned (as in picked up *all* the toys, dusted and vacuumed) and decorated for us. They haven't let me down there since lunch, they even want to set the table and serve us.

The dinner menu is chicken Kiev, baked potato, salad, and green beans. A chilled bottle of wine will be opened (thanks Melanie, we've saved it for something "special.") and consumed. For dessert, fresh, home-made (as in baking right now) angel food cake with strawberries and either whipped cream or ice-cream.

Once we've eaten, the children have told me we are to watch a movie and they will watch one upstairs. It should be a lovely way to spend the evening.

I love my kids and it tickles my heart that they enjoy doing this for their father and mother. They have worked so well together to make this a special meal for us, it is the best Valentine's present I could receive.

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