Thursday, February 08, 2007


Yesterday afternoon while supper was cooking and the kids were playing, I decided to try and actually accomplish something. Two years ago (at least) my mil and I began working on quilts for each of my 5 kids. The two boys and Ellie's are done, Hannah's has been in the works for a long time, and poor Abby's hasn't even been cut out yet.

All the material comes from Grandma's stash and each has jean squares - the boys are completely jean squares. Hannah picked this lovely material with the girls in it. Unfortunately there wasn't enough material to use throughout the quilt, so Grandma and I planned this pattern of 9 squares. It will be repeated 5 times throughout the quilt.

Here is a picture of half the top. Sorry it is a little dark - a professional photographer I'm not. :-) The colors fit Hannah perfectly.

I was able to sew the pieces for columns 5-6-7 and attach them, which means I'm now halfway done with the top! Woo Hoo! We'll be heading to Grandma's at the end of February. My goal is to have it done so she can bind it. No actual quilting - I've chosen to tie these quilts.

Of course even though the kids were playing, when they hear a machine going someone has to come find out what mom is doing. So I ended up with a helper, who with his orange magic wand would command the machine to "stop" so he could pull out the helpless pins prior to them being run over by the evil giant "Necchi."


Favorite Apron said...

Those are my colors too, Hannah. I love that print with the ladies.

Elizabeth said...

It's so pretty! I think she made a great color choice.

All this quilting, sewing, and knitting going on around me... I may just have to try something.


Jenn said...

Love the quilts, only have two (NOT FOR LONG!) but I still haven't finished the quilt (heck I haven't even picked fabric) for #2. If #3 is a girl I'm going to want to make her a quilt so maybe I should spend today putting together an idea for #2! ;) Thanks for the inspiration!
Blessings in Christ