Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Random Thoughts

Cold - It has been very cold here - subzero temps. I had to dig out the scarves for everyone. This morning we awoke to 0 degrees, but it was snowing and the wind blowing. About 4 inches has fallen and it is still come down, although much lighter than this morning.

Swimming - Hannah and Ellie had a meet at the UofM on Saturday afternoon. We left at 10am and it was -13 degrees. It was very cold walking from the parking ramp to the aquatic center. We were nice and toasty warm during the meet. The collegiate men's team was finishing practice upon our arrival. I couldn't believe how little the suits were. It didn't leave much to the imagination. Neither of my girls swam a personal best, but for having been sick for a week, they did pretty well. Both are looking much better on their fly. They have another meet next Saturday - last chance to qualify for "c" finals. I'd love to see them both make that.

Super Bowl - Woo Hoo! Way to go Colts, Way to go! This Hoosier born and bred gal was sure happy the Colts won. It was a good game to watch, although the beginning was quite sloppily played. We enjoyed watching the game at Erdman's. We enjoyed good food, and some Mensa style puzzles. The only bad thing was we didn't get there in time to play a game of Settlers before the big game. Oh well, next time.

Laundry - Wow, how the piles multiply when you can't get to it every day. Mount Washmore will once again be tackled in hopes of overcoming it and keeping it at bay for awhile longer. The only trouble is that it'll take me a good two days of constant washing to catch up. Oh well, at least there is always tomorrow. ;-)

School - This week our goal will be to get back into full days of work. With being sick last week, none of us felt like doing much. But we're all feeling better and need to jump back into the seatwork and bookwork. I'm really enjoying the new Math-U-See program I bought for Nathan and Abby. Granted I've only just begun, but so far so good. :-)

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