Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Finished Quilts

I decided to share the quilts that my mil and I have completed. I should add that my fil helps too. He cuts out all the squares - and does a fantastic job - very precise, which makes the job of sewing them that much easier. I sew the squares into strips (sometimes my mil helps with this, if I go to her house and we have a sewing day). My mil has pieced together backing if needed, I tie them and she binds them and voila finished quilts.

What we didn't expect is that the jean quilts of the boys would be so heavy. I didn't add any batting and they are still heavy. So heavy, that as I've washed them, the seams are coming out and my dear mil has lovingly gone back and zigzagged over those seams. So they look even more like old worn jeans. :-) And I learned my lesson to have the stitching set tighter for quilts than for normal sewing.

The colors of Ellie's are my sorts of colors. I love green and she is favoring that color more and more.

I think Abby's quilt will be similar to Ellie's in pattern, not in color. But I have a bit yet to think and ponder that as I'm still no further along on Hannah's than when I posted before. Oh well, I still have a couple of weeks left before I head to Grandma's. I could still get it finished.

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