Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday afternoon

The house is clean (well at least the main floor) and it is Sunday afternoon. Usually we're watching a football game or a NASCAR race; relaxing, dozing, enjoying each other. But not today. David found out last night that two people are in the hospital (different directions from home) and one of the ladies has possibly been in since Tuesday. So after a quick lunch of leftovers, he began the drive to Rochester, and then hopefully time will be on his side to make it back to Mankato for the other hospital visit, before coming home to get me for the circuit Ephiphany party this evening. He'll be tired tonight.

The kids and I can't even curl up with books on this cold afternoon. Instead, neighborhood kids have come over, and I'll work on thank-you's before sending the extra kids home, the little ones to nap, and walk next door to help take down the church's Christmas decorations. Then I need to make homemade ice-cream to take for dessert to this evening's gathering. Whew.

Tomorrow will be our own undecorating and waiting for the plumber to come solve the problem of the stinky smell wafting through the basement. But at least we should all be home - together. And that will be very nice.

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