Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Realizing who I am Part II

Another realization: I'm not very loving. I've never been the sappy, cry at an instant type of gal. I did become more that way during all the pregnancies and that was weird! But now that my body is back to "normal" the tears flow less and the loving, compassionate side has faded away to the stern, get it done side.

This matter came to my attention yet again this morning. The realization has been showing signs for some time, but I've just not admitted it until today. I need to be more compassionate and loving to my kids, especially the older two. I need to hug them, and love on them, and show them my love.

This will be hard for me - it is so much easier to do with the little ones. But they were little once. I need to remember that "littleness" and *act* like I how feel. I do love them, and cherish them and want them to know that.

So I better go - I need to go hug some girls. :-)

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Jen Schurman said...

At least you are aware of it. I sometimes have the same issue and I hear our parents voices coming out of my mouth :) Its something to work on and its a way of knowing you are not perfect. I know I got more of the gushy, teary part of our parents. So with that being said. I love you Glenda (eyes tearing up).........