Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kid's Words

Anyone who has been around little kids know they often mis-pronounce many of them. I have found it to be one of my favorite things of being a mother. It makes the child that much more endearing to me, knowing how to solve their code and hearing their cute little voices try to converse. I know I've forgotten lots of them (yeah, yeah, I didn't write them all down), but I remember these:
1. "looloos" - Hannah and Ellie said this for noodles (mac-n-cheese in particular).
2. "b-el-b" - Hannah said this when refering to her new baby sis, Ellie.
3. "mer-mer" - Nathan said this when seeing Santa or a snowman or saying "Merry Christmas".

And currently we hear these that I really get a kick out of:
1. "lapstick" - Abby says this about lipstick or chapstick.
2. "pupcakes" - Sam says this about cupcakes

So yesterday Abby asked if she could put on lapstick and Sam said "yea, pupcakes" when we had those for dessert. There is no use correcting right now (believe me the oldest three try all the time) - they hear it the right way, their mouths haven't caught up yet. Besides I know this won't always be the case, the oldest three are all speaking clearly for anyone to understand.

So I'm enjoying these last few baby-talk words and wondering when I'll notice that they aren't there anymore.

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