Friday, January 05, 2007

Clean Home

I realized I need a clean home. Not one that is untouchable, unlivable, museum-style clean, but one that things are, for the most part, in their proper places, the vacuuming and dusting are done at least weekly, counters, tables, etc are pretty much clutter free. Right now I don't have that and I realized yesterday *that* was what was driving me nuts.

I think the realization occurred because I knew we were having the Altar Guild Epiphany party in just a couple of days. Yikes! With being gone the first three days this week, and wanting to do some schoolwork the last couple days, cleaning has taken a back seat. Plus our "weekly home blessing hour" ala Fly Lady has flown out the window during the month of December. And so, I was short with the kids, yelled more than I needed to, despaired, and still did nothing about it.

Ah but lovely dh as we journeyed last night on our shopping marathon (me losing it more still) said we would all do our "home blessing" Friday evening. Oh how I love him. So this morning, as I looked upon the dirty floor, the books scattered everywhere, the dust, the kids not doing what they should, I'm smiling, because I know it won't last, I'll have help tonight. The house will be "clean" once again, and hopefully, hopefully those weekly home blessings won't be so disrupted in the coming months.

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