Friday, December 29, 2006

Sand Man.

Ah, Mr. Sand Man, bring me a dream, or two, or three. Oh, wait, could you stop coming for awhile?

Our house has been overcome by sleepiness the past couple of weeks. Shoot, we hardly can drag ourselves out of bed before 8:00. That makes it a bit hard for my husband to shower, dress, scarf down coffee and breakfast before getting over for Matins at 8:30. It makes it nearly impossible for us to get over to Matins, when we had been so faithful until our before Christmas break from school. Trying to do school this week has been difficult with getting up so late.

The kids too, sleep and sleep in the mornings. It is like we are under a spell and can't awake until the magic hour of 8am. I admit, I've never been a morning person, but really, as an adult I do understand that waking earlier than eight, would help my days go better. Even I admit that 6:30 or 7am isn't *that* early.

My husband did set the alarm for this morning. Yet he still couldn't pull himself out of bed until ten minutes after 7. I didn't even hear the alarm, or him until he came back into the room around 7:30ish. Even then, with the smell of coffee brewing, it was a struggle to pull myself out of bed. Ugh! But at least dh was able to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or two before Matins.

The kids and I on the other hand, still need to work on getting up. Maybe I need to set our alarms to play that phrase from the song in the Sound of Music, "when you wake up, WAKE UP, it's healthy."

Maybe not, maybe I'll wait till after our mini-vacation next week to family. Maybe then we can get to bed at a decent hour, and then wake up easier in the morning. Who knows, just watch out for the Sandman.


Anonymous said...

I must say when I read this particular piece; I knew that I needed to comment. I am not at all surprised by you not wanting to get out of bed. For one, I can be a witness to the fact that you are NOT a morning person. I remember not being "allowed" to speak to you until we were almost all the way to school. Second, you live in the land of cold. In the morning its soooooo toasty in bed that it is super hard to get up. Lastly, you are being lazy :). I must say if I were to have 5 kids I would try to keep them asleep as LONG as possible to have some piece of mind. SO with that being said. Enjoy your time being lazy. January is around the corner and the hammer will fall and you will need to get back on track. December is a month of celebration so take the time, have a glass of wine and celebrate. Love ya sis

Mumme Mom said...

Okay, yes you're right. Looking back, it was rather rude of me and quite selfish not "allowing" you to speak to me - huh? I must say, I have outgrown *that*.

As for land of cold - it's not so much this year, but ah the toasty warm covers still have a hold.

As for the wine - it's 5o'clock somewhere. :-)